Employee Spotlight – Emily Patnode

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Interview with Emily

Tell us about yourself

Hi, I am Emily!! I love traveling, cooking, and going to country music concerts with my mom. I have two dogs, Marley and Duke. They keep life exciting from chewing kitchen cabinets to eating our Christmas tree!

Why did you become a Human Resources Assistant?

I started at TEAM 4 Kids as a Therapy Aide and knew I wanted to grow within the company as soon as the opportunity arose. As a Communications Major at ASU, I learned several transferable skills that I feel fit in well within the field. I will forever be thankful for the opportunity and growth that this position has provided.

Why do you think your coworkers nominated you for being festive?

I think my coworkers nominated me for being festive because of the holiday cheer that I brought to the office this holiday season. I love thinking of creative and festive ways to put smiles on their faces!

What do you love most about working with TEAM 4 Kids?

What I love most about working at TEAM 4 Kids is my co-workers. I love how we are all one big TEAM!

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

My favorite holiday tradition is wearing matching holiday pajamas with my family. This year, we had pajamas inspired by the movie ELF. Even the dogs were matching us!


Nominations for Emily:

“Emily is alsways festive in the sense that her everyday attire includes wearing a huge smile and being oh so very cheerful. But, in addition to that, when T4K has a themed clothing day, Emily joyfully participates every time! Emily jumped on the opportunity to decorate for the holiday season, paying attention to the little details that create an overall experience of festivity for her and her coworkers!”

Emily’s joy for all holidays and seasons brings me so much joy! Her energy is contagious. I love how she goes out of her way to decorate and include everyone in her celebrations.”

Where do I begin? Emily is THE definition of festive! During the year she goes all out to participate in spirit days. Every single day in October she had some type of pumpkin treat or drink. She started planning her Halloween costume weeks in advance and got creative with it! Emily started listening to Christmas music on November 1st. She spreads holiday cheer and even brought in a full-sized Christmas tree to her desk! You can’t forget the elf on the shelf and elf helpers that are causing mischief in the HR office. She loves to bake holiday goodies and will find any excuse to celebrate. It doesn’t get much more holly-jolly-er than this! Did I mention she already decorated for New Year’s, too?”

“She loves all things holiday. Decorating is her thing!”

Emily loves to decorate, make all the fun foods, and dress up for all the holidays! Her fun spirit is very contagious and makes everyone excited to celebrate the holidays.”

Emily is always going all out for the Holidays! She spends her time decorating for all the Holidays, big and small. She even keeps our office up to date on national celebration days.”

Emily decorates spaces without being asked and overall seems the most excited about any holiday or dress-up day, this makes my day and makes it more fun!”

She is always excited about every holiday and event. She takes it upon herself to decorate for each holiday and she does it with enthusiasm!”

Emily decorated her office all festive and displays such Christmas spirit! It is contagious!”

Emily has such a passion for the holidays and a Christmas spirit! When you say the word “Christmas” around her she just lights up with a smile.”

Emily decorated her office in Surprise and made cute little elves for her team! She even put up a whole Christmas tree. <3 Super Cute & Festive.”

Emily knows that the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. She loves to decorate for all holidays, especially Christmas! She brings that Christmas Spirit to our Surprise location, especially with her little elves in HR.”

She took the time to make a creative video and elf-on-the-shelf decorations to inspire some Christmas spirit in her department!”

The video of her decorating the HR offices sold me! haha. So festive!”

The HR room is super festive this year due to the Elf named Emily.”

Emily decorated her whole office and has had lots of Christmas cheer!”

She is actively involved in each and every holiday and loves to share her passion for the holiday with everyone she works with.”

Emily is festive all year-not just December. She decorates and wears festive items. She should win this recognition every year.”

She goes above and beyond to decorate and get her TEAM in the spirit of the Holidays. Whenever I have to go into her office, it’s so festive and she’s playing holiday music. She always has a smile on her face and is eager to show you her decorations or ELF’s shenanigans”

“She decorates the office!”

She is always in the Christmas spirit before December even begins. She decorated the entire HR office and even brought in a full sized tree! Not only does she have the Christmas spirit, she carries her joy and happiness all year long! Never a dull moment with her!”

Since Emily started working at T4K I have always seen her participate to the fullest when it came to celebrating holidays, spirit weeks, or just having a cheerful spirit. I love having her around to spread joy and happiness to the company :)”

She has decorated the HR office and definitely loves Christmas. She even has an elf and tree back there!”

Emily is so festive that she has an elf on the shelf in the HR office. It is so fun to see all of the creative ideas that she puts towards the elf. She also brought in a Christmas tree to spread holiday cheer throughout the admin office.”

She participates in all holidays, and has a genuine excitement for the holidays!”

Emily is always so so excited for every holiday, especially Christmas. She was one of the first ones to begin decorating her office in Surprise. I love it.”

Have you seen the HR office??? She started Christmas in October!”