Employee Spotlight – Jason Needham

by | Aug 16, 2022 | Occupational Therapy, Surprise

Interview with Jason

Tell us about yourself

35 years old, Husband, Dad, entrepreneur, retired army medic turned COTA.

Why did you become a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant?

I became a COTA because it allowed me to continue my journey within the healthcare industry after getting hurt in the Army. During my rehabilitation period, I realized that committing myself to OT would allow me to be a part of unique and creative solutions in helping individuals reach their highest potential.

Why do you think your coworkers nominated you for having a Can-Do Attitude?

If I had to guess why I was nominated, I would say it is because I try to be as helpful as possible in every opportunity I am presented with; prompted or not.

What do you love most about working with TEAM 4 Kids?

I enjoy the environment and opportunities most. From learning new techniques and skills to working with awesome people and even cooler clients.

If you could have 1 wish come true, what would it be?

My 1 wish would be that eventually one of the lamps I find when going to antique stores with my wife actually has a genie in it.

Nominations for Jason:

 “Always willing to fix anything broken or help other people from different therapies learn how to use equipment”

“When faced with last-minute changes, Jason is willing to accept whatever is thrown his way, and never complains. He is open to suggestions, and always there for advice if he can help. We appreciate him!”

“Always offers to help. How he interacts with kiddos is awesome!”

“Jason is ready to help out and take on any task needed to help others! He is willing to learn new skills and he has a “yes I can do it” attitude at work.”

“He is willing to deal with whatever comes his way and complete that task no matter what it takes.”