Employee Spotlight – Lisa Hrisko

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Interview with Lisa

Tell us about yourself

I am originally from the Chicago area and moved out to AZ 13 years ago with my (then) young family. My husband and I have 4 kids and twin 4-year-old grandsons that all keep us pretty busy.

Why did you become a billing specialist?

When I came to TEAM 4 Kids, it seemed like the best fit with my personality, as we needed someone not afraid to get a little feisty with insurance companies. I also love that every day is different, there’s always something new in this department to keep us on our toes.

Why do you think your coworkers nominated you for having a Can-Do Attitude?

There are so many teammates that have a can-do attitude. I feel so thankful that anyone thought of me!

What do you love most about working with TEAM 4 Kids?

Definitely my coworkers. Bob and Lisa have created a fantastic culture here, and I’ve made some really great friends.

If you could have one wish come true, what would it be?

I would wish for unlimited wishes and hand them out to everyone.


Nominations for Lisa:

“Anytime I have an issue I love to brainstorm with Lisa. She never pushes off any task and goes above and beyond to make our job and my team’s job easier. I am grateful that she will go the extra mile to make sure clients are taken care of.”

“I always ask Lisa for help and no matter how much is on her plate she is always willing to work with me to figure it out and be positive about it.”

I could ask Lisa for help with ANYTHING and she always makes me feel like my issues are important. She is such a blessing to have on this team. You are the best, queen!”

She is always EXTREMELY helpful. Lisa goes above and beyond for the families that she works with and is always willing to help her coworkers. She is so fast and efficient in her work & she makes sure that everyone has what they need to succeed :)”

Lisa doesn’t hesitate to go the extra mile to help others! She steps in when needed and approaches every opportunity with an “I can do that” mentality. Lisa will always find the time to help, no matter how busy she is.”