Fall into Your Senses: Indoor and Outdoor Activities to Stimulate Your Child’s Senses

by | Sep 7, 2015 | Occupational Therapy | 0 comments

The fall is a time to get outdoors and enjoy the cooler temperatures. Here are some outdoor and indoor fall activities, brought to you by a pediatric occupational therapist, to stimulate the senses which include: visual, olfactory, auditory, and tactile. Some activities will also provide vestibular and proprioceptive input.

  1. Rake leaves and jumps into the pile.
  2. Gently swing and drop your child into a pile of leaves (provided the child tolerates).
  3. Take a hike and identify various leaves.
  4. Place different leaves between two pieces of wax paper. Place a towel over the leaves and adult places an iron over the towel to seal the wax paper to make a pretty fall picture.
  5. Place a piece of paper over a leaf and color over the top of the paper and watch the image of the leaf appear on the paper.
  6. Paint over the top of leaves in different fall colors and place each leaf on paper to make a picture of the fall colors. Also, place a leaf on paper and sponge paint around the leaf.
  7. Create an outdoor “pumpkin hunt” by placing a small plastic pumpkin in view of the child. The pumpkin contains a treat or small toy. On the pumpkin is attached a folded piece of paper with the #1 on the outside and a clue on the inside of the paper. The clue tells the child where to find pumpkin #2. Continue this sequence until all the hidden pumpkins are found.
  8. Decorate pumpkins with paint, markers, glitter, glitter glue. Buttons could be used for eyes, nose and mouth and yarn could be used for hair. After adult cuts holes for eyes, nose, and ears on a pumpkin, the child places gourds into the holes for the eyes and nose, and 1/2 of a green pepper for each ear.
  9. After adult cuts top portion of pumpkin off, the child reaches into the pumpkin and pulls out the pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are washed and then spread over a foil lined pan. Salt is sprinkled over the pumpkin seeds and baked for a yummy, crunchy snack.
  10. After caramel apples are made, the child rolls into favorite toppings which could include nuts, coconut, M & M’s, and granola.

Enjoy these fun fall activities!

Jan, Occupational Therapy Team