How to Encourage Fine Motor Development in School Age Children

by | May 6, 2019 | Occupational Therapy

Children are often expected to spend a significant amount of time writing both in the classroom and for homework.  Whether they are learning to write or writing to learn, handwriting requires several fine motor skills including an efficient grasp, coordination, hand strength, and motor planning.  Occupational therapists often recommend the following in order to ensure that the aforementioned skills are properly developed throughout childhood:

  • Bearing weight through hands by performing activities such as wheelbarrow walks, animal walks, monkey bars, scaling rock walls, and completing obstacle courses with lots of climbing over and under items.
  • Participating in resistive activities including tug-of-war, playdoh, popping bubble wrap, and
  • Perform overhead play and tasks including balloon tennis, writing/coloring on a vertical surface, playing with suction cup toys, and participating in chores that require wiping such as cleaning windows, tables, and the car.
  • Improve visual skills with activities such as mazes, I Spy games, lite brite, and stringing beads.

If you have any concerns about your child’s fine motor abilities, please contact TEAM 4 Kids for an occupational therapy evaluation!

Haley Cummings M.S, OTR/L