Introducing New Foods to a Picky Eater

by | Aug 3, 2020 | Feeding Therapy

Trying new foods can be very intimidating for our little ones. Here are fun steps that you can do with your child when introducing a new food. We highly recommend adults follow these steps along side your child, to encourage them to do it with you. Don’t be afraid to have fun and be silly!

Steps to trying a new food:

1 Put the food on your plates and play with it. Touch the food and talk about what it feels like. Is it hot or cold? Does it look or feel like another food you have tried before? Ex. Compare a slice of green bell pepper with a sliced green apple.

2. Smell the food. Bring the food to your nose and smell it.  Talk about what you think it smells like.  Does it smell sweet, fresh, ect.?  Ex.  Does the pepper smell the same as an apple?

3.Touch the food to your lips. Bring the food to touch your lips, or kiss it. This allows the food to get closer to your mouth before taking your first bite. You might even lick your lips and see if you can taste it.

4.Touch the food to the tip of your tongue or lick it. This is where you can discuss what the food tastes like. Does it taste the same as you thought it would? Is it sweet or salty?

5. Place the food in your front teeth and push it out. This is very close to taking your first bite. Take your time and have fun with it. Get used to the texture of the new food.

6. Take a small bite.  Now you are ready to take your first bite.