Physical Therapy App: Iron Kids

by | Apr 5, 2021 | Physical Therapy

The “Iron Kids” App was developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics to assist kids in living a healthy and active lifestyle. This app only costs $3.99 and is so worth the few bucks! It is designed for kids ages 8 and older and includes long exercises, up to 45 minutes, that will get you moving and sweating! The workouts are designed to help improve overall strength of the upper extremity, lower extremity, and core. It also targets balance and posture training which is so important in today’s society where kids are attached to their phone and sit with a rounded spine. This app is a great way to get kids AND parents active and staying healthy, but it is important to complete exercises safely with adult supervision.

Lauren Yoshida 

Lauren Yoshida, PT, DPT, ATC