Practicing Speech in the Car

by | Sep 8, 2020 | Speech

Have you ever thought to yourself: “When am I ever going to fit articulation practice with my child in during our busy day?” Well, worry no more. All aboard the speech car! Speech car is an excellent way for your kids to practice their sounds on the go! Here are a few games you can incorporate into long car rides.

Red Light Practice: Pick a target word and have them say it every time you stop at a red light

Look and Find: As you drive have them find 5-10 things that start with their sound as they look out the car window

Practice Page Stash: Keep flashcards in the car that can be easily accessed for some quick practice 

Say it and Draw it: Keep crayons and paper handy and have them draw pictures of words with their sounds

Silly sentence competition: Give them 2-3 words containing their sound and have them come up with a silly sentence. To make it a fun competition join in and try to out-silly them. The winner gets to choose the next song that’s played in the car!

I Spy: Choose a sound and take turns looking out the window and seeing who can see something that starts with that sound.

Remember to stay safe and practice on! If you have any concerns regarding your child’s articulation, please contact TEAM 4 Kids to schedule a speech therapy evaluation.

 Julia Kilduff, SLP-CF