Preparing For Your First Appointment At Team 4 Kids

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First and foremost, welcome to Team 4 kids. We are honored that you are choosing us to help teach your kiddo tools and techniques to meet their greatest potential. I believe the most important thing to take note of prior to coming in is that we aren’t like many medical clinics. We want you to go home after each session with a smiling face, hopeful attitude, and informative tools to help reach your child’s goals. After all, once you walk through our doors you are part of our Team! We have two locations, one in Surprise and on in Peoria.  Be sure to verify which location you have your evaluation scheduled at.

There are three things that each family should prepare for when getting ready for their first visit here at Team 4 Kids:

  1. Patient PortalPreparing for your first appointment at Team 4 Kids In Surprise & Peoria AZ
  2. Verifying Benefits
  3. Arrival

As soon as you receive the welcome email to our patient portal, don’t delay!  Our Patient Portal is a great system where you can review your scheduled appointments, update your contact information, and check for any outstanding account balances. In order for your therapists to be the utmost preparation for your evaluation, we have a “records” section where you can add all of your child’s Pediatric Medical History. This is a crucial step that we ask to be completed in its entirety before you come in. This will allow the evaluating therapist to customize the evaluation experience resulting in a smoother more personalized first session.

Before coming in to your first appointment, make sure you have reviewed your insurance.  Being educated and asking your insurance company the right questions regarding the cost of care is essential. If you are unsure or need assistance, remember you have us to help! That consists of identifying if you have a deductible or copay driven plan, verifying your benefits for your desired therapy, and obtaining referrals when needed for authorizations.  We have several options to make therapy affordable should you have any concerns about the cost of care after speaking with your insurance company.

And last, but certainly not least, your arrival. At your initial evaluation we ask that you bring any and all insurance cards that your child is covered by, or a form of Military ID for our lovely Tricare families. When you arrive we will have a small packet for you to fill out providing our clinic policies and we ask that you plan ahead to arrive 15 minutes earlier than your scheduled time to fill these out and get you all checked in.

Once you knock out these three important steps we can start achieving all of your kiddos goals! We cannot wait to have you on our Team! We will see you soon!










Lexi Hughes