The Empowered Parent

by | Oct 19, 2022 | Occupational Therapy

The Empowered Parent 

Parent Coaching to Help You Understand and Better Connect with Your Kids 

Kids don’t come with manuals. It can be challenging to understand their frame of mind and how they experience their world. 

You may feel like you’re constantly repeating yourself, but nothing ever improves. You’ve tried timeouts, bribes, punishments and threats, but things only seem to get worse. 
The Empowered Parent helps you gain more authority, respect and structure within your family and in your home. You’ll develop peace of mind as communications between you and your child opens up. 
What often gets lost in all this turmoil is that all behaviors, good and “bad”, have a message. Oftentimes the biggest challenge is being able to understand what that message is. 

The Empowered Parent helps parents find answers to the questions they don’t know how to ask. 

  • Parents who don’t know what sensory overload in children looks like.
  • Parents overwhelmed by their child’s behavior.
  • Parents looking for help understanding a new diagnosis.
  • Parents who need support navigating the world of therapy and IEPs.
  • Parents who want to connect with their kids.

You and I won’t be trying to fix your child because they aren’t broken. We’ll work together, helping you help them navigate their world. 

I’ll work with you to help understand your differently wired child or children and help assist in supporting their siblings. I guide parents towards feeling empowered to advocate for their child’s needs. 

Together, I will help guide you and your child to a more open, positive and loving relationship. Call us for a free consultation today.