Web Browser for Autism Spectrum Disorder

by | Jul 1, 2015 | Speech | 0 comments

With summer in full swing and the temperatures rising, children and parents might be looking for a fun family alternative to outdoor activities that are educational and indoors! Zac Browser, an internet browser that was developed for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), is a free web browser that offers a large variety of games, music, and activities. These games and activities can be educational, visually engaging and encourage language exploration and development at the same time.

Zac Browser can be downloaded on Mac, PC, and Ipad. It also contains short T.V. and movie clips, stories, and a variety of interactive games and websites. It is a browser that is both child-friendly and allows many opportunities to address turn taking and language development skills. Zac Browser can also address skills such as; but not limited to, cause/effect, colors, categories, number/letter recognition, pre-literacy skills and is a great tool to help support speech therapy goals outside of the clinic. It is fun to explore all the activities and games available while facilitating both language and play skills. It is an excellent browser for all children!

For further information or to download Zac Browser for free, visit

Michelle, Speech Therapy Team