App of the Week: Pre-K Tot Yoga HD – Great for OT and PT

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This week’s app is recommended from our Physical Therapy Team — The app is called: “Pre-K Tot Yoga HD” by Holt Smith LTD
Yoga HD is a fabulous tool to help teach kids self-regulation through yoga poses and breathing techniques. The poses are sweetly demonstrated using the animal or object that you are imitating in 3D /HD; i.e. Downward Dog is demonstrated by a dog. In between poses, kids are instructed to focus on their breath, which really helps kids learn to self calm by their own means, rather than something that is imposed upon them. There is also a way to play this on Apple TV if you have it, so that the whole family can participate. Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists will love this app for helping to develop core musculature and to help kids prepare for more challenging tasks within a session. You can transfer techniques learned here to whenever or wherever you are to help keep calm under stressful outings or challenges – completing homework! There are no IAPs or ads!

As always, feel free to share with friends and family who could benefit from this app!

App of the Week - Pre-K Tot Yoga HD - Great for OT and PT