Developmental Preschool?!

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What is a Developmental Preschool?Preschool child development center in surprise az

A developmental preschool is an inclusive school program for children that have a diagnosed disability.

Who attends?

Any child that has been screened and evaluated through their district’s preschool and diagnosed with a disability is eligible for services. Developmental preschools are free if your child qualifies and if room is available. Check your local school district for more information and how to sign your child up for a screening.

Where are they?

Developmental Preschools are provided in most districts. Here are two links to a couple of districts and their developmental preschools.

Dysart Elementary School District:

Litchfield Elementary School District:

When do you start?

Between 2 years 9 months and 3 years of age

Why should my child attend?

Developmental preschools give children an opportunity to learn skills that are beneficial to early development. If
you feel your child may not be typically developing, check out this link below.

* Always discuss with your child’s pediatrician or therapist about any questions or concerns you might have about your child.

~Chelsea- Speech Therapy Team