Employee Spotlight – Elizabeth Flores

by | Aug 15, 2023 | ABA, Peoria | 0 comments

Interview with Elizabeth

Tell us about yourself

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Flores! I became an RBT at T4K back in April 2019 after I finished my Bachelor’s in Psychology, then became a BCBA when I graduated from my Master’s program. I have about 8 years of experience working with individuals who have Autism because I grew up with my brother who is autistic. I have 1 brother and 3 sisters who come over to my house on the weekends. Last year, I got married and we bought our first house in Surprise, Arizona! We also have a chorkie (chihuahua mixed with yorkshire terrier) named Aztlan.

Why did you become a BCBA?

I wanted to become a BCBA because my brother’s RBT told me about the ABA field 12 years ago when I was a freshman in High School.

Why do you think your coworkers nominated you for being optimistic?

I think my co-workers nominated me because I am always smiling and remain calm when working under pressure. I also practice psychological flexibility, acceptance, and like to go with the flow.

What do you love most about working with TEAM 4 Kids?

I love my role here at TEAM 4 Kids because it is something that I am passionate about such as training parents and RBTs with managing problem behaviors using antecedent and consequence strategies.

If you could have one wish come true, what would it be?

My wish is to be financially free so I don’t have to work and retire early so I can enjoy life and travel without bills or responsibilities!


Nominations for Elizabeth:

“She is always looking at the best of every client, even if there is a challenge in the client’s behaviors she is always very positive and always present. She sees the best in everyone – peers and clients alike. Elizabeth is amazing.”

She is always positive and helpful all the time! She always listens to concerns and finds solutions!”

Elizabeth is always so positive, she sees the bright sides of things and helps her team see it as well!”

Elizabeth is not about denying reality or ignoring challenges, but rather about maintaining a hopeful and positive mindset in the face of difficulties.”