Halloween Preparation Tips

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Halloween Preparation Tips


Halloween can sometimes be an overwhelming holiday for children. Below are some activities to help prepare your child for Halloween: 

1. Social stories:

Writing a social story is a quick, easy way to help prepare children. The social story should include each step of the activity, in order and what ypur child should do. You can include pictures of your child, family and/or friends in the story and you can even use clip art to add additional visual pictures. Be sure to include details about the day of the event, the costume, the sequence of trick-or-treating, any specific situations that you anticipate might be difficult for your child, what happens when trick-or-treating is finished, etc. (you can be as detailed as you want, even including the number of candies that your child will be allowed to eat when finished trick-or-treating). Read the story each day a few weeks leading up to Halloween and encourage your child to help you sequence the steps. Practice problem-solving together by discussing possible difficult scenarios and solutions that might be helpful.

2. Practice:

Try trick-or-treating at home, with family members and with familiar neighbors. 

3. Be Comfortable:

If your child will be wearing a costume, allow him/her to wear it before Halloween so they can let you know if any part of the costume is bothersome or uncomfortable. 

4. Become familiar:

Know the route that you will trick-or-treat with your child by going for walks along that route prior to Halloween.

5. Explore:

Get involved with community events that may offer an opportunity to practice trick-or-treating and seeing other children in costumes prior to Halloween. 

6. Be prepared:

Have treat options ready to possibly substitute appropriate alternatives to candy that dietary restrictions, etc. may prevent your child from eating

7. Most of all, have fun!

– Michelle SLP

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