Therapist Recommended Toys: Tis the Season to Take a Break From Technology and Talk TOYS!

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Let’s keep it simple… Toys, Play, and Interaction are all essential components of child development. Toys promote critical thinking, creativity, emotional, social, sensory, fine motor, and gross motor skills. While technology has its place, especially where communication and mobility are concerned, when it comes to playing, electronics cannot replace the much needed personal contact or real human interaction that toys facilitate. So you ask, What Toys do Therapists Recommend? Below are just a few favorite therapists recommended developmental toys, games, and activities.

Therapist Recommended Toys - Tips the Season to Take a Break From Technology and Talk Toys

In the article “Why This Toy?” on the National Association for the Education of Young Children website, Dr. Toy explains the importance of “Open-ended toys” such as, activities like blocks, puppets, dolls, and art supplies.

When technology becomes a form of play, OT Amy Baez on the Playapy Platform provides tips on how to balance the love of technology without causing any harm this holiday season.

Melissa McCormick – Occupational Therapy Team